December 15, 2018

The highest injector that u can use is a cc and u will have to lean it out extremely with an afc or vafc to make it idle properly. And another thing, I don’t trust any injector that doesn’t have a name on it. I’ve read the article on it a half dozen times, and I’m still confused as to what it is and what it comes with. Technical help Q A. Find All Thanked Posts. Switch to Hybrid Mode.

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If for some reason you upgraded all of your factory 4 cylinder fuel injectors to larger ones and decides that you what to increase the boost, then you’ll need to purchase a set of ibjector fuel injectors. Personally id run a boost level that the system can fuel without needing extra injectors.

Send a private message to Rob03Pro5. Find More Posts by ZygSpeed. Fuel entering the combustion camber is the same as fuel entering the combustion camber using 6 fuel injectors on a 4 cylinder car. Mf2 mappable injector driver. With an additional fuel injector controller, you’ll only need to upgrade two injectors rather than four.

This is just a hypithetical question, I know its still just a band-aid of a setup. S2 Rs turbo smoked rear lights.

We are talking about a dohc vtec or non vtec motor for this particular example. So from this graph, Hondas running the stock pump, and a rising rate regulator top out at 75 psi and about hp. I know its not equal to hondata, but would it fix most of the mf2’s problems? What would you guys reccommend? Send a private message to VaporTrail. The motor will last a long time and you will run into allot less problems. It will end up in a pool of fuel just before the throttle body. The following errors occurred with your submission.


Erl Mf2 Mapable Injector Driver For Sale in Bray, Wicklow from Keeper81

Injextor is a wonderful staff, but that isnt mappable you use since you would have to p the host mf2 the score. A honda computer will not idle no cc injector as u stateted.

Lets not bring single cam motors in this. If u ask me hondata sounds excellent, but the fmu and pump is what most 11 second cars that I built use and I will go by that. Find More Posts by matthart.

Is this to be used in conjunction to a turbo timer, or is it used for that purpose also? The only way to get an even amount of fuel and most power out of every cylinder is to use the 4 injectors that u already have on the car.

Send a private message to SiR Kid.

Injector for MF2 set up question.

Another Sierra bought, absolute minter. Can I ask why you have gone this route instead of a full EFI setup? I’ve read the article on it a half dozen times, and I’m still confused injectog to what it is and what it comes with.

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Water injection doesn’t technically boost octane but it m2 have a similar effect in that it helps limit detonation. And another thing, I don’t trust any injector that doesn’t have a name on it.

ERL MF2 Additional Injector Controller –

Thank you for the advice chaps, very grateful. No need to be fancy, just an overview.

Btw, it will not be one of “Tom’s kits,” unless there is a group buy going on at the time. When the existing power-chip can no longer give you more fuel because of the limitation of the fuel-injector But with the MF2 system, your tuning will be. Also, this is on ebay, replace the injector and switches, blast and powder coat should do the trick?