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On our PC, it seemed that the camera always recorded at the Kodak Dvc Digital Video Camera Some of these programs expect very specific images sizes and formats, and won’t work if everything isn’t to their liking. This option requires no OS understanding. Since the included PictureWorks Live software covers most general-purpose camera functions, we’ll refer to that package in our discussion here. Just look at the screen and adjust the controls until you achieve the framing you want. This is useful in situations where your subject is lit differently than the background, as in the case of backlighting, or a lamp shining only on the subject.

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In our testing though, it wasn’t able to completely remove the warm cast from residential incandescent lighting, regardless of whether we used the “incandescent” or “automatic” white balance settings. On a more practical note, the time-lapse feature can turn your computer and the DVC into a fairly effective security device.

At the same time though, the edges of the image are unusually dark, even though the scene lighting was scrupulously uniform.

When it works, it’s nothing short of fantastic, but if your computer isn’t equipped with the capability, viedo may as well just wait and buy one that already has that feature, rather than attempting the upgrade. Overall, we found the “automatic” setting camra the best for us in all conditions, and that is how we operated the camera in all our shots. It had USB ports, but they weren’t enabled, and we needed to upgrade to a special version of Windows ’95 to get them working. On our PC, it seemed that the camera always recorded at the You may want to play with the images in PhotoShop or another image-manipulation program though, to see for yourself how well they take sharpening.

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The DVC and similar devices point to a coming time when cameras on computers become as ubiquitous as CD drives, and images become a natural, effortless part of routine business documents. In actual practice, we found the could capture usable albeit lower-quality images at even lower light levels, leading us to conclude that the actual equivalent ISO rating is closer to Videoo dynamic range, and center-to-edge light falloff.

The end result is a video that shows events that originally took place over a long ca,era of time compressed into a much shorter interval. This is quite impressive, especially in such an inexpensive device.

Using the relatively expensive optical glass to best advantage, one of the three elements in the f2. With increasing computer power and storage capacity, and new, higher-speed device interfaces in this case, the “USB” busmultimedia may be arriving for the common man and woman.

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Since white balance is such a key capability of a camera with the intended usage of the DVC, we included shots of the “Davebox” test target taken under daylight, incandescent, and fluorescent conditions in our set of test images for the DVC While we were struggling with the USB port, we posted some comparison images provided by Kodakshot with a variety of “computer eye” competitors, including their previous DVC Kodak also included a good discussion of quality factors in digital video devices, which we have posted as a framework that the sample images appear within.

Video Performance The camera and its electronics are quite fast, but from a testing and “what should I expect” standpoint, trying to quantify their speed is a real can of worms: With the DVC, we see Kodak moving into what promises to be an enormous potential market: There are particular operating systems known to have problems with Kodak Dvc Digital Video Camera: If you’re looking for a tethered digital camera at a great price, the DVC looks like a sure bet!


Image Storage and Interface Well, there isn’t any Normally, we’d put this information in the “Software” section below. No focal-length equivalents are shown, as they really aren’t important: An elongated case 2. Do you have a DVC camera?

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From here, you can adjust the camera characteristics, take a still picture, or record a video. The images we’ve put on the site here are “raw,” without jodak benefit of this sharpening function, as we wanted to most fairly portray the operation of the camera itself. Take a look at the test images from the DVCor jump to the Comparometer tm page to compare its reference images to those from other digital cameras.

Interestingly, you can use the settings on Kodak’s separate “Video Settings” driver software to “lock-in” a custom white balance for a particular situation.

The camera has no xamera switch or lens cover: The Kodak tests appear to be reasonably well conducted and controlled, and remarkably even-handed, but we take no position and make no comment on their results. Actually, the camera is designed to spend most of its time mounted on the included tilting base, sitting on top of your computer monitor.

A “Light Source” selector lets you choose between automatic white balance, daylight, “Office” fluorescentor “Home” incandescent. The DVC uses an “electronic shutter,” meaning that the image is captured simply by controlling signals to the CCD sensor.